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To Cash In on Instagram
& Close High Ticket Sales With Ease


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If you’re ready to claim your corner of the internet,
close consistent 5 figure + cash sales...
tap into a fire hot audience of ideal clients...
kickass followers who celebrate your every move, then...


Whether you're living under a rock or 
you've been on the ‘gram for a hot minute 
You've likely been missing out 
on the massive opportunities to make serious cash on IG..

You don’t have to understand every nook and cranny 
of Instagram to tap into the 
Sales Power of Insta Stories. 

And you get to bypass all the BS 
about hashtags, appeasing the algorithm and 

start selling right now.










Hey, gorgeous!

I’m Sara Kas

Over 3 years ago I started designing my own automated tools to help high-end clients connect with their ideal audiences and buyers.

I witnessed first hand the power of this platform, and how much money there is to be made by anyone who is willing to show up with vision bigger than themselves, but it's not just about the money, there’s an opportunity to make a difference on an unprecedented scale. Here are some of the results I help my clients achieve on the reg:
  • Slay 80k launches
  • Close multiple 40k 1:1 clients
  • Sell 100% from Instagram
  • ​Tap into brand new audiences
  • ​10x their organic following.
and so much more!

Listen love,

I know how it feels when you think that the only people watching your stories are those mean girls from high school and your mom’s bestie.

But in reality, 66% of all business profile visits are from non-followers...

They are watching and waiting...

There’s an opportunity like never before and it’s happening on Instagram.

This is the perfect time to get visible.
  • Even if you’ve never closed before on Instagram
  • Even if you don’t have a 6 figure business yet
  • Even if your just starting out on the gram
  • ​Tap into brand new audiences

You don’t need to post everyday, have 10k followers, or a phd in hashtags to close high-ticket SALES on INSTAGRAM.
With over a billion active users, Insta stories is the #1 place to be if you want to create serious impact with ease.

these AMAZING women did it,

so can you!

Cait Scudder

Business Mentor, Los Angeles
“I can’t imagine not having her on my team now! Thank you Sara for taking the guesswork out of Insta so I can stay in my zone of genius! If you’re looking for a true Instagram guru to join your team, literally stop looking elsewhere and hire this woman NOW!

Before working with Sara, I had a love-hate relationship with Instagram. I LOVE the platform but felt confused AF as to why my visibility seemed to yo-yo for no apparent reason. I knew wanted to uplevel my account, but also knew I didn’t want to use sleazy tactics and, after interviewing MANY Instagram account professionals, I hired Sara for expert support.

Her advanced knowledge of the platform, skillful execution, and over-the-top customer service has blown me away. She’s overdelivered in every sense of the word. She completely took my account under her wing and within a matter of one month, helped me increase my engagement, attract new warm leads, land new press opportunities, and explode my post reach by over +8,000 unique views/week and 26 websites clicks per post.

I can’t imagine not having her on my team now! Thank you Sara for taking the guesswork out of Insta so I can stay in my zone of genius! If you’re looking for a true Instagram guru to join your team, literally stop looking elsewhere and hire this woman NOW!”

Caroline Perréard

Empowerment Coach, France 
“Working with Sara has been an amazing experience. The amount of content she is happily willing to share as you start collaborating with her.

I love to learn and capture things and even if the technicality of Instagram is not my zone of genius. I have had the chance to understand the reasoning behind everything that we were doing. What I really value is the authenticity as a core value in the working relationship.

I got to remain my true self, to talk about my area of expertise with all my heart while simultaneously following a step-by-step process that works. I have more than doubled my followers in two months with individuals who do have a genuine interest in what I do, generated new leads for my business and even new clients. 

My account grew from 900 to 2700 followers in my niche in 2 months. I made 3000€ in two days thanks to stories and showing up consistently to my audience.

Sara was very adaptable from the start, understanding what my needs were and being really curious about my story which set a solid foundation of our collaboration. She has been over-delivering and I would recommend her to anyone ready to invest in their Instagram growth organically and authentically.”

Chelsea Kaiser

Personal Power Coach, Florida
Working with Sara 1-1 transformed my entire experience selling my business services on Instagram. The engagement tactics she taught me generated 12 discovery calls within the first few weeks of executing them and led to a handful of sales much quicker than I expected. I have not seen or found the knowledge, passion or insight she provides from anyone else in her space. 

Working with Sara showed me firsthand how selling on the Gram doesn't have to hard. She's the actual bomb that blew up my IG sales capabilities and if you haven't hired her yet, why are you even still reading this?


4 live trainingS + PRE-RECORDED CONTENT

As soon as you sign up you will gain access to pre-recorded content before the container opens, and then we will dive into our live trainings  from warming up your audience to closing the deal. Come with your questions ready to be answered.

(VALUED AT $8000)

Facebook Group Support

 Me and all your ISTS sisters and I will be cheering you on in a private Facebook group M-F



These aren’t your typical workbooks, these babies are packed with tangible, actionable steps that will set you up to implement like a champion. They’ve been intentionally designed to keep you dialed in and kicking serious butt.

(VALUED AT $1000)



Every new lead whether they come to you via stories or hashtags lands on your profile and makes split a second decision about you from your bio. Optimizing this tiny yet influential piece of real estate results in higher conversion with your ideal audience.

(VALUED AT $1000)

TOTAL VALUE: $10,000


pre-sale pif


pre-sale payment plan


3 weekly payments 

pre-sale ends Sunday Mar 22 at 6pm EST
I know your vision is WAY BIGGER than a measly 6 figures.
Don’t kid yourself, you want it all. 

Viral engagement from raving fans and followers who are obsessed with you and your content. 

...and FORTUNE. You know the stuff empires are built with.

Whether you see yourself flying private and working from luxury destinations or impacting millions on a Nobel level,
I know for a fact, you were born to rock this planet
Insta Stories That Sell Is
Strategically Designed To Help You:
  • Book out private coaching without feeling icky, sleazy or sales-y
  • Rock your launches
  • Pack your programs
  • ​Get high ticket clients with cash in hand who are ready to buy from you right now
  • ​Feel confident that you’re getting a return for all your effort
  • ​Make money with ease and have a lot of fun doing it. 

Samaya Behrens

Energetic Coach, Norway
“Working with Sara on creating our social media content was BEYOND our expectations and brought us great results.

Sara has a unique ability to capture special moments as well as making the whole process professional, fun, and easy for the people she works with (without a feeling of pressure). She knows very well what’s working well and what type of content we should create in order to get the attention of our desired audience.

She is a great social media specialist. I would totally recommend working with Sara on creating your social media strategy as well as the content creation process for building a strong online presence.”

Brittney Vangestel

Body & Soul Coach, Australia 
“Before working with Sara, I didn't understand the platform that my business was being ran from! I felt overwhelmed even though I was doing "a good job. It all felt very confusing and as if I was shooting in the dark

Working with Sara is like working with a friend who you feel safe with but also know that you'll be called out if you're not delivering your side of the bargain.

I understood the art of storytelling, how to captivate my audience and how to make the most of a platform that benefits my business! Not going to lie, hashtags still annoy me but love that Sara helped me define them so it's a matter of cut and paste (I just need to make sure I'm not using the same one all the time!)

If you're looking for someone who knows her shit, is super approachable and WILL take your platform to the next level, then you'll do yourself and your business a disservice if you don't utilise Sara and her expertise!

What surprised me about working with her is that I actually saw results. It's hard to trust people and services because you feel like someone is always selling you something- but at least with Sara she actually delivers.”

Alexia Usgaard

Leadership & Wellness Expert, San Francisco
“Sara was an absolute pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond to ensure you are fully supported throughout your time working together.

I had recently launched my business Instagram account and was looking for clear guidance on how to organically grow my account. My focus is on community so I really wanted to ensure to focus on engagement and posting valuable content.

Sara's process really helped to simplify my experience with Instagram and offered me the support I needed to feel confident to share more consistently.

I also really valued learning her strategies and the best ways to create engaging content that is meaningful to my audience. I would highly recommend Sara as an IG growth strategist!”
Look sis, if you’re one of those wantrepreneurs who always signs up and never shows up,  this program isn’t for you.  

But... If you wholeheartedly believe in your vision and your mission if it’s so real you can almost taste it you’re in exactly the right place

You’re done sitting on the sidelines and ready to be in the spotlight 

Cue the applause.

It’s time to show up like the unapologetic badass you truly are and claim the success that you know is yours for the taking.

Insta Stories That Sell is the program for you.

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